5 Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes

5 Easy Valentine's Day Recipes

Emily Tabora, Editor

Cooking is one of the many things that people do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it helps bring people closer together. 

Just a simple Strawberry Spoon cake works. All you need is butter, strawberries, light-brown sugar, whole milk, salt, all-purpose flour, and baking powder. 

People could make hot chocolate, however, instead of normal marshmallows, they could put heart-shaped ones instead. All you need is milk and chocolate. Heat up the milk first, then pour any type of chocolate in and mix until you get a hot chocolate. 

In case anyone is gluten-free, people could always make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. To make this you need, finely ground almond flour, kosher salt, teaspoon baking soda, unsalted butter, light brown sugar, granulated sugar, 1 egg, vanilla extract, chocolate feves or chips, Sea salt, for finishing (optional). 

People celebrate Valentine’s Day in many different ways, and that’s what makes the day so special, showing appreciation.

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