Valentine’s Day Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Rebeca Munoz, Reporter

We make cookies on Christmas, turkey on Thanksgiving, but what about Valentine’s day? You can’t have candy hearts for breakfast, so how can you make a delicious AND festive breakfast? 

The first thing you’ll need is an area that you can decorate, you can’t serve nice food in an odd setting

After decorating, find some toothpicks with tomatoes and a knife (make sure to have an adult around when handling knives), cut the corner of 2 tomatoes, opposite of each one. After that, stab the toothpick into the tomato and done!

Another thing you can do is to make strawberry roses and you’ll need some strawberries, a knife, and some jumbo toothpicks. Stab the toothpick into the leafy part of the strawberry, after that begin cutting thin flaps around the edges of the strawberries and there you have a flower.

Another easy thing to do is to cut a sausage in half the long way, leaving a piece at the edge and folding it into a heart shape, put it on a pan and crack an egg inside the sausage, then fry the egg and there you have a delicious breakfast for valentine’s day.