Repetition of Fashion Trends, Where We Are Now, and Where We Will Be in the Next Years


Alexa Anderson, Features writer

We all hear about iconic ages of fashion, like the neon colors, leg warmers, and sweatbands of the 1980s. Or the hippie fashion from 1960-1970s. People even have themed parties of these ages! But, these fashion trends will all come back eventually. 

Based on studies, fashion trends repeat every 20-30 years. Right now, we are experiencing some 1990s fashion pieces. For example, baggy high-rise jeans and oversized flannel shirts have been making a comeback recently. 

Now moving into the 20s, we have been seeing some 2000s y2k style comeback. For example, baby tees and some low-rise jeans.

 Through the next years, we should be seeing more and more of the basic y2k styles coming back!