How Two Bright Apps Have Changed Darkly

How Two Bright Apps Have Changed Darkly

Madison Dobson, Editor

Social media has changed greatly but not in such a nice way.  

One app that used to be all over social media was called Musically but its name got changed to Tik Tok due to the owner not wanting to have a LiveMe competitor. Musically was a platform where kids and adults could make short clips of them being themselves and spreading kindness to everyone.

 I could say from personal experience musically raised me. When the news got out that Musically was changing to Tik Tok everything got so dark so quick. The platform was now a problem. Causing depression from teens and even adults, spreading hate, and even causing problems for safety of kids and security . The president was threatening to shut it down due to national security concerns. 

 Another app called Instagram used to be an app where people all ages and from all around the world posted fun, positive pictures of themselves for friends and family. It is now being used to try to get people to view them in a not so positive way and causing teens to change themselves based on how others want to view them also causing teens to compare themselves to others based on their looks and downing themselves about it.