Online School vs. Physical School


Natalia Ayala, Opinion reporter

Online school is something that everyone had to go through or is still going through. Some students prefer online classes while others enjoy their lives at physical school.

 But at the end, which is truly better, online or physical education? 

The obvious answer here is online and I’m not just saying that from a biased perspective just because I do online myself. While physical school has its perks of seeing your friends in real life, there’s also the argument that people who do online school get distracted easily.

 This can be true for some people, but for me I can finish all my work, stay on task, and even listen to music, helping me get work done faster. 

Not to mention, online school also allows my parents to have a more flexible schedule and not have to worry about things like picking me up, or getting infected with a case of covid. 

While physical school works better for other kids, for me online school is definitely the way to go.