We Will Miss You Ms. Bennett

Alyssa Bobb, Editor


On March 1st we found out unfortunately, our principal here at WLMS will be leaving. Ms. Bennett will be taking her next step on her “journey as a lifelong learner.” Ms. Bennett will be the principal at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts after Dr. Susan Atherly retires. We’re all so happy for her and we know she’s going to be a great principal there. 

She has been here for almost a decade and reassures us that our school will get an amazing new principal. In her email, she  tells us “you can be rest assured that the District fully understands the importance of picking the right principal who will continue WLMS on the path of its tradition of excellence in education.” Ms. Bennett is being helped by the former principal there while she transitions to the high school. She has told us that she will be back and forth from A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts and WLMS until the end of March. We will miss you, Ms. Bennett!