Teacher Spotlight Ms. Murray


Shelly Murray

Kepler Brook, Former News Staff

Q: What made you want to take a teaching job? 

A: She is not actually a teacher she helps children she works with children with speech and language issues.

Q: What was your favorite subject at school and why? 

A: “My favorite subject in school was Honors English.  I enjoyed reading the novels and discussing them in class. In college, my favorite subject was all the courses I had to take on language development and language therapy.”

Q: Did you always want to be a teacher? 

A: No it wasn’t. She thought she wanted to be an Optometrist but when went into college she didn’t do well in Chemistry. 

Q: Do you have any organizational tips for kids and if so what are they and do you use them in your day to day life? 

A: “I have used a organizational tip weekly since starting at WLMS.  On or before the Friday of the previous week I use a journal and write out my daily schedules for the following week. I also use a planner to to keep track of meeting dates and anything that is due.  These meeting are also put on my google calendar.” 

Q: Did you always want to be a teacher? 

A: “No it wasn’t I thought I wanted to be an Optometrist when I went into college but I didn’t do well in Chemistry.”