How Do Things Trend on TikTok?

How Do Things Trend on TikTok?

Eleanor Myers, Features Writer

TikTok is a massive platform with many creators and content. With that being said, there are also many trends. But how exactly do things trend on TikTok?


There are certain aspects that characterize trending videos. Usually, using popular hashtags and sounds can help videos blow up. When a video blows up it’s seen by many people and reaches the for you page and can become a trend, depending on what it is exactly. For example, using popular sounds and hashtags and showing off certain makeup looks.  


Creating a trend is somewhat dependent on luck. Creating a sound or video and trying to reach the for you page isn’t exactly set to happen. By making content and using popular sounds and hashtags, you have a chance at blowing up but it won’t always happen. 


So there isn’t an exact way to create a trend or understand how things trend. However, taking certain steps can help to create a trend.