Tufting On TikTok


Jade Bartholomew, Features Writer


Tufting is a type of weaving in which thread is inserted onto a base, artists can then make colorful, textured designs. The process originates from the U.S., where early settlers used this technique to produce warm clothing such as bed covers.


Centuries later the old craft has become popular on TikTok. Now, countless TikTok accounts are devoted to the creation of rugs, and the creation of rugs only. Wikipedia says that these artists “can usually create two types of rugs, a cut or loop pile. A cut pile rug’s yarn is snipped every other loop into the backing, creating a “U” shape from the side profile, while a loop pile rug isn’t snipped and creates a continuous “M” or “W”.”


This trend has become so well-liked that many artists and creators have made their own websites and businesses to sell their rugs to others.