What Would Happen if the New Bill in Congress Goes Through?


Alexa Anderson, Features Writer

If you have watched the news in the past week, you may have seen some stories about a new bill in congress. This bill is to try to make Washington D.C. a state. 


This would be the first state created since 1959 when Hawaii was added. This new addition would have a lot of craziness.


In 2017, there was another bill in congress to try to make Puerto Rico a state since it is already owned by America. While this was happening, a lot of people were thinking the same things we are thinking now.


First, they would have to add an additional star to the American flag. On the flag, there is one star for every state. So, everyone with a U.S. flag hanging around would have to order a new one.


Nothing about state lines is settled yet, but if this bill goes through then we would have to also change all of the US maps and globes that show only the 50 states. This would make geography and history teaches have to change their learning scales.