Why Some Schools Are Banning Specific Books


Sara Akif, Opinion Writer


Most people know the Books A Wrinkle In Time, To Kill A Mockingbird, And  Green Eggs And Ham. But all These books are in a battle of whether they should be banned or not.


Books can get banned from schools for all types of reasons. The book may be inappropriate for the specific age group, too complicated for them to understand the book or a large number of parents may disapprove of the book because they may not like the content and wording in the book so much that a school may need to ban it and remove the book from the library.

Some of the books that have been taken out of libraries are A Wrinkle in Time because parents find it too complicated for their young kids to understand, To kill A Mockingbird because of its racial slurs, and The Giver due to inappropriate content. In all considerations taken as long as you find a book that is suitable to your and your parents liking then nothing is stopping you from reading a good book.