How Should 8th Graders Prepare For High School?

How Should 8th Graders Prepare For High School?

Arianna Santacruz, Writer

School is almost ending which means the 8th graders are moving onto high school, how should they prepare?

During the summer 8th graders should try to get a new wardrobe, whether they have a school uniform or not they should want to look cool and trendy for school.

Another thing is, they should keep their mind refreshed on what they learned during the school year, and try to study as much as possible. One day it might come up in high school where the teacher asks you to solve a middle school problem.

The last thing 8th graders should do is get the equipment they need for school such as pencils, erasers, books, etc. If 8th graders do all of these things to prepare for high school they’ll be more than ready!