The Career Aspirations Of The 8th Grade Class Of WLMS

The Career Aspirations Of The 8th Grade Class Of WLMS

Lorelei Kelley, Reporter

The workforce is a huge place with many people. The Wellington Landings Middle School class of 2021 is only four years away from a high school diploma. A poll was sent out to these students. Here’s the data on what 150 of our 8th grade class wants to do with their futures. 

The responses varied very well. There were many unique responses, such as one student who claimed to want to drop out of high school and become a “fighter muy thai kickboxing mix”.

The poll shows that while many people have some idea what they want to go into, 14.7% report being unsure towards their career aspirations. 

The largest groups for career fields would be health, law, technology, and arts/music. These groups all contained around 10-15% of students..

For how far of an education, WLMS 8th graders plan on pursuing. .7% plan on dropping out of high school and 14.7% plan on stopping at high school. For those going to college, 11.3% wished to stop at an associate’s degree, 54% wished to stop at a bachelor’s degree, and 19.3% want to go all the way towards a doctoral degree.