8th Grade Letter to Future Self

Caua Garcia, Editor


“In life your will have many defeats, but never let yourself be defeated”  – Maya Angelou 


  • Sebastian Hernandez


I would tell my future self that I’m proud of him for getting through high school and ask him questions about what the last 4 years were like.

  • Garrett Mitchell


Follow your dreams and work for what you want.

  • Sara Ross






Did you make the top radident in Valorent and are you 3 digit in osu yet? 

  • Mark Bonfante 


Hello, Katiria, How are you feeling? Is our relationship with our parents any better? Do you have friends/Are you still friends with Val? Are we ok? Did you give up? 

  • Katiria Rojas






No matter what, do what you love in life and be yourself. Always try your hardest, and be the best person you can be.

  • Joshua Dimaiwat




You finally made it to adulthood, now you can decorate freely and wear whatever you want in your own home.

  • Angelina Rodriguez




Go to college! Don’t procrastinate because then you may never go! 

  • Sophia Straight