Why Some Schools Are More Expensive Than Others

Kepler Brook, Writer

     Now it’s no secret that schools can be expensive like really expensive. Now, this is not uncommon knowledge but one thing that very few people understand is the most critical question why?

     In Florida, it can cost up to 6,000 dollars and a lot of people can’t afford that and it’s even more expensive.

In other places like Hawaii, it can reach about 10,000 dollars now. Why are all these schools so expensive? It’s because of two things: Demand for the schools and the funding or rather the lack of it from most states.

     A lot of colleges don’t get any funding from the government and so they need to raise more money to pay for more technology and other stuff. Now a lot of people can go to college. They simply don’t have enough room for all the people so they need to make prices higher to accommodate for others.

     How many Americans go to college? Around 50% of people go to college. That’s why a lot of them don’t see it necessary so they also need to accommodate for the lack of people at the same time.