Accomplishing Your Goals


Andrew Petlev

Andrew Petlev, Writer and Eighth Grader at Wellington Landings Middle School

Andrew Petlev, Editor

I’m not the kind of person who has one hobby. It would be so hard to pick just one thing to define me. On different days, I have different – well, interests? You could call them “ambitions”, but I don’t like to think that anything I do is a one-day-and-done ordeal.

Most thirteen year olds do have some sort of “ambition” (“I want to make a movie” or “I want to be able to paint”). Well, learn. Don’t watch others do it online, assuming that they are on a whole different level than you – that there’s no way you could be in their position. Don’t sit there and think about it, never to actually accomplish it. Start by searching for film classes or painting techniques.

What I mean to say is accomplishing your goals is a skill in itself. A skill that not everyone possesses, but that everyone can possess.

You can do it. From there, it’s how much you want to.