It’s Arts and Crafts Time!

Butterfly Craft

Kayla Bobb

Butterfly Craft

Kayla Bobb, Editor

If you are like me on the weekends, you might be bored and have no motivation. Instead, let us try something easy and fun! Arts and crafts! Here are a few easy arts and craft projects you can try at home! 

Melted Crayon Butterfly 

You will need a butterfly template, crayons, an iron, scissors, parchment paper, paper, and paint (optional). First, you will need to shave your crayons. Line in the shavings into half of your butterfly template. Then, fold your paper in half. Place a piece of parchment paper over the folded butterfly and iron, this may take at least 15 seconds for the crayons to melt. If you’d like you can even paint on your butterfly. When completely dry, cut out the butterfly template. 

Leaf Drawing with Chalk Markers

You will need any type of leaves, Bistro markers (if you don’t have Bistro Markers you can use any markers or chalk). What you need to do is use your creativity! Draw cool designs on them, even use a hole puncher to make a pattern! 

Fluffy Bubblegum Slime 

You will need shaving cream, food coloring, corn starch, borax, and a container for storage. First mix glue with shaving cream, then add 4 teaspoons of cornstarch, add food coloring, Now, the fun part, adding the activator. Add 1 tablespoon of borax, add it in very slowly. Keep mixing your slime with a spoon. When you notice it is turning into slime, finally use your hands to mix it. After it’s time to play with your bubblegum slime!