Archaeologists Find World’s Oldest Cheese



Zya Chow, Editor

As archaeologists are discovering more and more about our past, there are just some things that are flat-out weird. 

While digging around in an ancient tomb built by the ancient Egyptians, archaeologists discovered a jar of a weird white substance. That wasn’t the only jar in the tomb as well. As they looked through the jars, they found out that it wasn’t anything glittery or anything expensive. It was just flat-out cheese. This cheese was found in the tomb of one Ptahmes. Ptahmes was a high-ranking member of their society back then. They were baffled at such an article being in such a high member’s tomb.

Upon further inspection, the cheese was made with sheep and goat milk. It dates back to the thirteenth century B.C. If someone were to bite into that, it would be very, very, acidic. Archaeologists wouldn’t recommend biting into the extremely fermented cheese because when looked at under a microscope, it contained traces of an ancient disease called brucellosis. It’s actually still around today, but that was one of the first traces of the disease. It’s incredibly infectious. It was certainly an interesting discovery.