Florida is Overrated

Zya Chow

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Gator Bits: Zya Chow
March 25, 2022

Zya Chow

Zya Chow Standing in a Store

Florida is an enigma. Sometimes, it feels like it’s a completely different country. 

Let’s get one thing straight. This is my opinion, so if you are a hardcore, gator lovin’, swamp wadin’, Florida lover, don’t take too much offense. Florida is hot. Disturbingly hot. And don’t even get me started on the weather. One minute it’s raining, and the next, it’s glaringly sunny. This moves me to my next topic, humidity. As soon as I walk outside I disappear and transform into a bush. My hair and skin feel sticky and the entire feeling is just ew. 

Wellington, hmm. No offense but there’s nothing to do. Sure, I could walk right over to Home Depot and have such great fun taking paint samples and looking at the overly bright light displays, but there’s no point. There’s nothing around to do.

Sure, you could argue that ‘oh but Florida has beaches!’, and to that, I say, ok, and? What other redeeming qualities that Florida naturally has (I’m not counting Disney and Universal or any other theme park) besides beaches and the Everglades. Yay alligators. It gets tiring after a while, but I’m sure I’ll miss it when it eventually sinks into the water due to global warming.