What Do I Care About? Family


Kayla Bobb

Kayla Bobb

Kayla Bobb, Editor

I care about my family. I care about my family because when no one is there for me, I’ll l always have your family to talk to.  My family is also very loving and fun! It can be watching a movie, or even just sitting outside and talking, I will always enjoy every moment of it! Even when I feel sorrow, my family is always there to cheer me up.


I love making memories with my family, such as making a puzzle, cooking together, or even having dinner. We always have great and funny conversations. Sometimes if I do something bad, they might yell at me, but in the end, we always make up! My family doesn’t only include humans, my family includes Bonnie, my puppy! She is very hyper, sweet and she loves cuddles, and when I’m feeling sad, I always cuddle her and I feel better. This is why family is so important to me.