Electronics Are Not Really That Bad

Cell Phone

Rebeca Muñoz

Cell Phone

Rebeca Muñoz, Editor

Our whole life, every time we complain about a headache or back pain, our parents have always said it had something to do with the phone. It’s annoying.

Sure too much of anything is bad, but maybe electronics aren’t the horrible monsters adults say they are. If you’re sick, especially these days with Covid, you can still hang out with friends, or not have to pay for a movie theater.

TV is also something adults tend to say is something bad, obviously, if you watch too much it’s bad for you, but watching a little is a great way to relax.

Electronics can also be used for learning, especially in little kids, there are thousands of different learning websites that are free. Electronics could also help you learn about yourself in general, like your past and how your mind works. There are a million good uses for electronics, maybe they aren’t that bad.