Student Spotlight: Isabella Rose Di Palermo; Showing and Proving that Kindness Makes Everyone Feel Better


Andrew Petlev

Isabella Rose Di Palermo

Soha Khan, Campus Life Editor

Isabell Rose Di Palermo, a student at WLMS was able to show a “random act of kindness” at a buddy bench event held by the PTO. The buddy bench is a bench outside of the 200’s building, whose purpose is to be a safe space for students to talk with friends, and make new friends as well. 

I felt good, it makes someone’s life feel better, and I that I was able to make a person happier.” Even though she only attended the event because she was with friends, Isabell was able to prove that anyone, whether they realize it or not, can contribute to being kind to another person.

Isabell explains that how even though there are flaws to the buddy bench, such as no time to just hang out around it, she believes in the philosophy of it. She also believes that kindness is the best way to make others, and yourself happy. “It should be natural. If they don’t realize that they are doing something kind, and if they don’t announce or brag about it, it is nicer”