The Things Music Can Do


Bailey Dobson

Instrument in Instrument Case

Arianna Santacruz, Editor

Music has been around for ages, it has brought people together, helped people cope with things, and has done much more stuff.  

Music has always helped me in a lot of ways as well, during times I’m feeling sad and not wanting to do anything I listen to music. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy your company while listening to your favorite artist.

  Music is a great way to express yourself as well! It can reflect on peopleś sense of style and personality, just by hearing what other people listen to can show what type of character they are. Yes, I know some of you guys are probably thinking I’m making a huge deal out of music but it’s true! 

The way people can put a beautiful message in a 2-4 minute song is so crazy in my opinion, I think you have to have some insane amount of talent to do that. 

The joy and pleasure I get out of listening to any type of music is exhilarating, and I can´t wait to see the future evolution of music.