Why You Should Start Caring About the World Now


Alexa Anderson

Alexa Anderson

Alexa Anderson, Editor

Recently, there was a statement put out informing the world that in 5 years, if we do nothing, climate change will become irreversible. I know after reading that statement you’re probably thinking “well we should do something then!”, but then still continue doing your harmful habits. Scientists have been telling us for years that we have to do something and people agree and tell other people to also do it, but in reality, they don’t really do anything. But now the real reality is that if we all don’t start changing now, then we won’t ever have another time to change.


I am not going to go on and say a bunch of tips you can use because I’m sure you already know them: use less water while brushing your teeth, don’t use as much gas, buy plants, yaba yaba yaba… But I will tell you one thing, whenever you see one of those tips in an article or on a TV show and you think “oh that doesn’t sound that hard”, start finding ways you can actually incorporate those tips into your everyday life.


Buy a reusable water bottle that you think would fit you and you would actually use, or a water bottle you would make yourself useful. Start reminding yourself that you don’t need to shower for that long. While you are doing these things, remember what you are doing it for and why it’s so important. 


Wildfires are breaking out and the ice caps are melting. Just doing your smallest part to help would impact so much.