Do Students Enjoy Books or Movies Better?

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Abhi Sharma

Wikimedia Commons

Sara Akif, Editor

     There’s one question a lot of teachers ask their students; did they like the book or movie  like books or movies better?

     There are many popular books that are movies like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Outsiders and many more. About 76% of students in one classroom said that they enjoyed the movies better than the books. This may be because it takes longer to read a book than watch a movie. Also many teens like watching movies overall rather than reading books. Also many people find watching motion pictures is a more passive experience than reading the book.

     Also many people find that they have more emotion in movies than reading books. A jump scare in a movie won’t scare you as much as if  you were reading a book.  And you most likely won’t cry reading a sad scene in a book than if you were watching a sad scene in a movie. But overall books and movies are both great.