Cheating Is A Wrong Doing

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Cheating Is A Wrong Doing

Solonia Deoto, Features Editor

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Cheating is one of the most common acts of dishonesty found in schools all around the U.S. While cheating is a dishonest act, many students around the U.S will at least try to get away with it once in their lifetime. There too, are also many reasons why students will try to cheat. There may be a simple excuse such as, “ I didn’t have time to finish my test/quiz,” and a more complex excuse such as, “I didn’t have time to finish my test/quiz and I don’t want to be punished by my parents.” Cheating should not be allowed in schools because of my issues caused by cheating.

Cheating is, and always will be a downside in education. Some types of cheating include “copying another student’s answers or homework, letting another student copy your answers or work, using or distributing copies of test questions, answers, or answer keys, secretly using “crib notes” or the Internet to help you answer test questions, whether you’ve printed a cheat sheet on your leg or looked up information on your phone, having someone else do your homework or take a test for you, or doing the same for another student, and changing your answers on a test after it’s been graded and then asking for the grade to be changed.” ( It is always a struggle for teachers to deal with cheating, so you should refrain from trying or even thinking about this method. There are also many ways to prevent cheating to slip into your mind. You can let yourself know that school is not for your grades, it is for your learning. You can also ask your parents to have regular discussions about cheating in school with you. By you understanding how cheating is a problem in the modern world, you may have a less likely chance of cheating on the next test or quizzes you take.

It may seem that cheating may be a smart move they make, however, this is not the right choice to choose. There are consequences to this issue. If you are caught cheating you can “be sent to the principal or detention (in K-12 schools), a written reprimand on your record (in college), a failing grade or zero on the assignment or test, a failing grade in the entire course, loss of privileges like participation in school sports, and suspension.” ( As you can see cheating may seem so simple and such a good way to make in life, but NO! Cheating is wrong and we should all stop this cruel method for all children around the globe.

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  1. jesse on October 23rd, 2018 11:25 am

    but, some cheating is good like if one of our states are trying to revolt and we need to send someone that can find out whats happening and find out what we can do to stop it that is a formof cheating

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Cheating Is A Wrong Doing