Slang Should Make Its Way Into Dictionaries


Andrew Petlev

Whiteboard with Text “That’s Not a Word!”

Andrew Petlev, Editor

Your friend has taught you a new word – you’re not sure where you should use it or if you should use it at all. You’re pretty sure you don’t want to search the internet for it. So does slang belong in dictionaries?


First of all, a slang word is a word. Gosh, the entire English language was invented by people looking for expressive ways to describe things in the real world! Whether or not we should teach it to our children is a different question.


If the last hundred years aren’t a reminder of how much language can change over time, what is? In recent times, so many new words have come into use that dictionaries can’t keep up.


In my opinion, language isn’t meant to stay stagnant. It is always changing, so there is no reason our guides shouldn’t change with it.