Spirit Halloween vs. Party City: Who Can do Halloween the Best?


Soha Khan

Spirit Halloween in Wellington

Soha Khan, Editor

October is here which means Halloween is right around the corner! Everyone loves to shop for Halloween, whether it be costumes, candy, or decor. The real question is, which place should you go for the best Halloween-themed items?

One of the two most popular places that have easily accessible Halloween items is Spirit Halloween and Party City. The biggest difference between the two is that Spirit Halloween is entirely meant for Halloween needs, while Party City has year-round items.

Both Spirit Halloween and Party City offer an array of costumes, accessories, and decor. Spirit Halloween however, has much more Halloween-themed inventory, and it is much easier to find what you need in a store that has the only purpose of the spooky season.

Although the prices of costumes for both stores are pretty similar, Party City tends to charge a bit more for Halloween decor and accessories. It is also harder to find costumes in Party City because the only way of finding the one you want is to try and find it on a large wall in the back made of low-quality photos.

The vibe of Spirit Halloween and Party City are very different from each other as well. From the moment you step inside the Spirit Halloween, you walk into a wide variety of interactive displays, and Halloween-themed decor inside the shop. The store itself is its own experience, and stepping in really brings the Halloween vibe to life. 

Party City on the other hand is a shop that doesn’t only have Halloween items, which restricts the amount of creativity going into the store, leaving it plain and boring.

Overall, Spirit Halloween is a much better choice than Party City. With its exciting setting, a wider array of items and costumes, and much easier accessibility, Spirit Halloween should be your primary spot for getting all of your Halloween necessities.