Worst Candies for Halloween

Raisinets, smarties & Swedish Fish Candies

Rebeca Muñoz

Raisinets, smarties & Swedish Fish Candies

Rebeca Muñoz, Editor

I can imagine walking up to a door on Halloween basically flavoring some Skittles or really any type of real candy and instead, getting a banana-flavored Laffy Taffy that will end up in the bottom of the trash bag by tonight


I actually have never gone trick or treating nor celebrate Halloween but if candy were a language I´d speak it. So in case, you plan on buying any of the following candies, just saying, DONT!


Coming in the first place is shockingly not candy corn but instead Hot Tamales. In case you haven’t tried them, they have a strong cinnamon flavor that most kids despise.


In second place are these bites of despair called Tootsie Rolls. Just to be straightforward, no one likes them, so don´t buy them. 


Lastly are Lemonheads, honestly, there is nothing really wrong with them, they just aren’t that good, they dont have as much flavor as other favorite candies.


Sorry if I offended your taste buds in any way, this is just the way mine, and some of the people I know are built. Hope you have a happy Halloween!