3 Last-Minute Creative Halloween Costumes


Emily Tabora

Math Nation Study Experts Wearing Homemade Halloween Costumes

Emily Tabora, Editor

Halloween is right around the corner which means that stores are going to be filled with spooky decorations and costumes of all sorts. As it gets closer to Halloween, stores are going to begin selling out of many different costumes which may require a backup plan.


1. Stick Figure

Although becoming a stick figure may sound ridiculous, there is no doubt that this costume won’t get the most candy. While it is hilarious, the costume only requires black clothes and tape. If you however would like to stand out, even more, glowsticks are a great way to catch someone’s attention. 


2. Corn

Yes, you read that right, Corn. Since this is Florida, why not wear a green sweater with a shirt that has a pattern of different color felt pieces on it. Don’t forget the string coming from the top of the hoodie part of the sweater to make it seem like the silk tassel. This is a bizarre costume, however, it’s easy to make and requires no stress. 


3. Math Nation Study Experts

Looking for a way to really stand out with your friends? Then this is your costume. Make a fun twist out of the Math Nation Study Experts. This could be a great group costume idea to do with some close friends, or even on your own. To make this, you need a blue shirt, acrylic fabric markers, or a printer to create the logo.