Student Spotlight: Connor Shields, Sponsored Surfer in Middle School!?

Connor Shields with Surfboard

Connor Shields

Connor Shields with Surfboard

Andrew Petlev, Editor

Today, we sat down (or rather conducted a virtual interview) with Connor Shields and asked some questions about his amazing hobby of surfing.

Q: How did you get into professional surfing?

A: I got into surfing by going to a surf camp in Jupiter beach that my friend wanted me to go to with her. I went for two weeks and after that I begged to go back. About three months later I got my first board and that’s how it all started.

Q: How long have you practiced surfing?

A: I have been surfing for 6 years years now and I practice around every other day.

Q: Who is your favorite professional surfer and why?

A: My favorite professional surfer is John John Florence because he is only 28 years old and has already won two world titles and he is very outgoing.

Q: At any time, has surfing felt intimidating?

A: Surfing has felt intimidating in many ways. It has given me many injuries such as stitches in my forehead, and a cut on my wrist. I have grown over the thought of a rip current pulling me out into the ocean but it is still something I worry about.

Q: Do you plan to make an adult career out of surfing in the future?

A: I plan on making surfing a main career in my adult life and if I can’t, I wish to have it as a side career or something to do for fun.