What is Fantasy Football?

New England Patriots


New England Patriots

Sara Akif, Editor

If you’re a fan of football you have probably heard of fantasy football. But what is fantasy football?


Fantasy Football which was made in the early 1960’s is a game where the participants work as a manager of a virtuale professional football team. Your first draft in the game consists of  15 NFL players. The players include Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Davante Adams, Alvin Kamara and many more players. After your teams are made you can play games and get points. Then your team can get ranked. Currently The Los Angeles Rams are in first place with 151 points.


Though a fun game there are some bad aspects to it. For one, it can lead to bad opinions towards players when they make mistakes. It’s puting bad performance under a microscope. Many people say it causes young people to root for one or two players instead of the whole team ruining the fun of football season.  Either way people see it as a fun game to play with family and friends.