Hearing Aids: A Rant


Zya Chow

Zya Chow Sitting in Wellington Landings Classroom with Hearing Aids

Zya Chow, Editor

When you’ve been wearing hearing aids your entire life, you have some issues with them.

Of course, hearing aids are incredibly amazing, they give me and many other deaf people the opportunity to listen to music, to hear, and to understand. However, there are many things that hearing aids don’t do that aggravate me to no end. For one, you can’t touch water with them in, ever. If it’s raining, you either have to take them out or cover them with your hair and hope for the best. Sure, you can drink water with them, but every time my friends ask me to go to a water park with them, the pool, or even the ocean, I have to decline because I won’t even be able to hear them if I go into the water. And yeah, you could argue the point that I could just watch from the sidelines but really, that sounds incredibly lonely. 

Another issue that I have, is the fact that if I go on any rollercoaster rides or anything that’s open and moving extremely fast, my hearing aids will go flying out. No joke. My mom told me a story about how she rode the Hulk Rollercoaster in Universal, and she lost her hearing aids on the ride. The worst part was that she had to buy whole new ones. (We’ll get to this later.) But if I want to laugh or talk with my friends while waiting in line or while riding the coaster, I’m unable to. I can’t even hear the music developed for the ride or whatever voiceovers are on. I have to watch a youtube video on the ride to hear everything. 

Let’s not even get started on the cost of hearing aids. I’m fortunate because my hearing aids are covered by the school district, but my mom had to purchase her new hearing aids from Costco and they were roughly a thousand dollars each. EACH. To HEAR. Yes, I understand that whatever technology that they put in the hearing aids is most likely very costly, but they couldn’t have lowered the prices a little for people who are unable to purchase them? Insurance doesn’t cover it.

But again, I’d rather take these cons with having hearing aids than not being able to hear at all. I’m incredibly fortunate to even have these because I know that many people are unable to access hearing aids because of financial issues. Overall, hearing aids are extremely helpful.