What I Care About


Arianna Santacruz

Arianna Santacruz by Pool

Arianna Santacruz, Editor

Around September I was given a prompt to write about for a column article, “What I care about” This is a very broad question in my opinion. I mean, I care for a lot of things my family, my friends even my dog!

So being given this prompt made me think a lot,” What do I care about?” As I said before there could be an infinite amount of things I care about but for now, the main thing I am passionate about is myself. 

This might make me sound like I have an ego but it’s true, I care for myself and I think I should put myself first before I put anyone first; this is what I call “self-love”. Caring about how I feel and what’s best for me, and I’m glad I can say that I love myself because I know in this day and age there are people who can’t look at themselves in the mirror and I know there are people struggling with self-image, and to be honest I was once like that too, I didn’t care about my body and I didn’t care about what was healthy for myself. 

So I started asking myself,” what can I do at this moment to make myself the best I can be”  Whether it was just drinking a cup of water or doing my skincare I do think it helped me a lot. 

People need to realize that sometimes the person that you rely on can disappear in minutes (this is harsh but true.) and at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to get yourself out of your own bed. 

So you need to love and care for yourself or else you might never have the motivation to get out of that bed. This is what I care about, and I know even in ten or 100 years this statement will never change but will only grow more and more.