Friends Helping in Hard Times

Rebeca Munoz and Alana Maraboto

Rebeca Muñoz

Rebeca Munoz and Alana Maraboto

Rebeca Muñoz, Editor

COVID has had long-term effects on everyone. When I have a hard time, I could count on my friends.

I’ve known most of my friends since Pre-k or even before, and honestly, sometimes it feels like I have a bunch of little siblings, but they make me laugh when I’m having a bad day and can always get my spirits up.

As weird as they can be sometimes, they have always had my back and I don’t think I could survive a day without my best friend pulling my hair every 5 minutes to get my attention.

My best friend has gotten so close to me that she calls my parents Tio and Tia (aunt and uncle) and all the friends I have are so easy to talk to and are super understanding when I even have the smallest situation.

Sometimes, it feels like my friends aren’t my friends, but my family.