The World is Full of Maybes


Andrew Petlev

Andrew Petlev, Writer and Eighth Grader at Wellington Landings Middle School

Andrew Petlev, Editor

Us humans have a way of expecting a black and white answer to every situation life brings us. The problem is one doesn’t always exist.

In other words, the world is full of maybes. Everyone’s priorities aren’t the same, and when it comes to every problem, it is impossible to tell black from white.

Instead, the answers to most of society’s problems fall in a gray area. When you think of it, there is actually very little with a precise answer. It all has to do with point of view. Everyone thinks they are correct, and in their own minds, they are. In this way, there is no right or wrong – there is no good or bad – there are only different perspectives.

Personally, I try to stay neutral.