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Snapchat Conversation with Emily Tabora

Emily Tabora

Snapchat Conversation with Emily Tabora

Soha Khan, Editor

I want to start off by saying that when I text a friend, not a thought goes through my mind. At most times, I won’t even bother looking at my phone while tapping on the keyboard. My unnecessarily fast typing mixed with not caring enough to look back at what I sent seems to cause a concerning amount of anger from friends, causing me to wonder, why do they get so ticked off?

The real question is, waht is acutlayy wrong by me acdicentally tyopihng liek this? A text like this one would instantly get me hundreds of notifications sounding similar to “Where did the ‘h’ even come from,” or “ENGLISH PLS.” Other than the multiple red underlines, anyone reading this can clearly understand what I attempting to say. Of course, I try to take my time when typing out something important, but how important really is your grammar when talking to people you know?

I won’t even begin to explain how annoyed I get when I am trying to say something with a few typos and suddenly my mistake becomes the name of the group chat for the next few weeks.