The Reason PIXAR Movies Are So Delightful


Blue Background Image with Various Animated Characters from PIXAR Films

Andrew Petlev, Editor

Even at age fourteen, I have never stopped enjoying kids’ movies. Being older, there is greater variety in my media intake, but I still make sure that children’s shows and movies are a part of it.

Some teenagers seem to have the presumption that, if a movie doesn’t fit soundly within their target demographic, it is terrible and should never be spoken of.

PIXAR movies, in particular, can actually be enjoyed by people of all ages, with the presumption they are willing to accept the fact that they might not live up to the insane action in their favorite superhero movies or the raw emotion in their favorite Netflix dramas.

PIXAR movies are, for the most part, simple at their core. They cover the basics of life while often injecting it into everyday objects such as play things (Toy Story), twenty-first century vehicles (Cars), and rodents (Ratatouille). A common misconception is, because they are simple and are made for children, they are filled with corny songs and lame lessons of morality. That is simply not true.

Instead of bombarding you with the type of animated nonsense that makes parents scream, PIXAR movies have mastered the balance of stunning 3D animation, beautiful colorations, emotions, and humor.

My personal favorites are the Toy Story films (Toy Story 3 is my go-to out of the tetralogy). In my humble opinion, there are very few live-action movies that can match the genius of that film.

Watch the trailer for PIXAR’s latest film Turning Red: