Room for Debate: Is GoGuardian an Invasion of Privacy?

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Room for Debate is a new section created by Lorelei Kelley and Andrew Petlev. Room for Debate compares multiple students’ opinions on current school issues.

For this Room for Debate, two students share their opinions on GoGuardian, a new tool that allows teachers to monitor their students’ digital footprint while using district-provided devices.

Isabella Dumoulin (Anti GoGuardian):

Do you know what invades your privacy? GoGuardian does.

GoGuardian is a thing that teachers put on the school computer to see what you are doing on the internet. GoGuardian can also look at all the tabs you have and also can see the tab you are on. This is really wrong and invades our privacy.

GoGuardian can also listen to what you say through your microphone and they can also look through your webcam to see what you are doing. They can also still hear and see what you are doing after school hours. Also, they can still lock tabs after school too.

This is really messed up. When we are in class we should just have our privacy so we can do our work, not being stalked every second and seen every second while we do our work. When we are at school we should have our own privacy, and not be under pressure while our teacher watches and listens to us. 

Kolee Ho (Pro GoGuardian):

Recently, GoGuardian has sparked in the educational community, so teachers are now using it as a way to watch over students during class time, supervising their tabs and screen.

Some may argue that GoGuardian is an invasion of privacy because of how it feels like your teacher is watching over your every move on the computer. While this may be true, this new app is just a way teachers can make sure you’re on task and not on some other site playing games. It might feel uncomfortable, but it’s most likely that your teacher is just trying to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Plus, you are still welcome to do whatever you want at home, not at school. Either way, your Chromebook should be for educational purposes only, and it’s very unlikely that your teachers would be nosy enough to check every single thing you do on your Chromebook.

So, GoGuardian is simply just a tool for teachers to make sure you’re getting your work done and being on task.

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Room for Debate: Is GoGuardian an Invasion of Privacy?


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