¨How to Disappear¨ Book Review

Credit: Alexa Oddo

Credit: Alexa Oddo

Sophia Nelson, Features Writer

The book How to Disappear was written by Sharon Huss Roat.  The book is about a girl in high school named Vicky and she has many struggles. She has learned how to hide herself even in her school. 


When her best and her only friend moved away she became too lonely and created a social life on Instagram by photoshopping herself into multiple scenes in all of these outfits and accessories that she would never wear in real life.


 She uses the name Vicarious. As soon as she started posting she gained tons of followers.


She soon realized that she can have an actual life without leaving the comfort of her home. As she posts the followers get higher and higher until it can not even say the real number anymore. 


As she scrolls through Instagram she realizes that people feel the same she does. They use #alone, #ignored in real life, and many more. She started reaching out to those people and making them feel seen.  


I certainly would recommend this book because it is a book that I kind of connect to.