The Lighting of Sandi Christmas Tree

Alexa Oddo, Features Writer

Sandi the Christmas tree is 35 feet tall and made of 700 tons of sand.  This is the 10th anniversary of the tree.  Starting from December 2nd to the 31st of December.


Through those days, from 6-10p.m. you can see Sandi lit up.  It is the 10th anniversary of the lighting of Sandi the sand Christmas tree.  


The lighting of Sandi will take around 15 minutes and there are other activities to do in the meantime.  TEE-KI mini-golf is a golf course with 9 holes.  It is $3 per person and is from 6-9p.m.  

Come to downtown West Palm Beach to see Sandi lit up and to do some other fun activities.