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Attention: Here To Play, Not Models

December 10, 2021

Two Women Playing Beach Volleyball Wearing Bikinis, Ball in Air

Chicago Sun Times

Two Women Playing Beach Volleyball Wearing Bikinis, Ball in Air

The sensation of walking barefoot in the cold sand with the breeze in your face is the most amazing thing someone can feel. Although some people may think otherwise, beach volleyball completely wins over indoor volleyball. Beach volleyball is also a lot harder, the ball cannot bounce the ground in an entire game. So if this sport is ¨so amazing¨ then why is it unfair? Uniforms. In professional beach volleyball tournaments, boys and girls wear bathing suits, boys normally wear a shirt with a normal knee-length bottom. On the other hand, girls normally wear bikinis. They could wear one-piece but fans prefer the bikinis. So players were forced to wear 2 piece bathing suits. In July, a Norwegian Women’s Beach Volleyball Team got fined for allowing their players to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms. The amount they got fined is a ridiculous $1,700 for their uniforms! Some girls feel uncomfortable wearing bikinis or even most bathing suits in general. Others can´t wear bikinis because of their religion. These young girls are getting their passion and dreams thrown away. It´s insane to feel that girls should expose their bodies so much just to play a sport. These same girls are here to play a sport, not to be dressed like Victoria´s Secret models! “It’s so frustrating, because these women are amazing athletes, and it’s hard to watch that be diminished to just, ‘this is what you’re supposed to wear,’” Says Grace Zilbert, a Junior beach volleyball player. Girls should not have to give up their hopes and dreams because of this sexist rule.

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    Francisco MunozDec 11, 2021 at 7:37 am

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