Florida’s Weather

Florida’s Weather

Isabella Dumoulin, Writer

I think we can all agree that Florida’s weather is not all that great. Especially in the summertime.

So we all know summer right? The heat is unbearable and your body just boils like you’re in an oven. But the worst part is that you sweat so much and you feel all sticky and it’s disgusting just to think about it.

Fall is one of the best seasons in other countries. But in Florida, it stays in summer. It’s not cool outside and like 3 days of fall it’s cool and all the other days it’s hot. Also, Florida’s trees don’t even change colors.

Now winter, good old winter. Honestly, I’m disappointed. Winter is my favorite time of year but Florida just ruins it for all of us that love winter and It doesn’t even snow.

Spring, just the word makes me feel bored. “But it’s the time of the year that new babies are born and the flowers bloom!” I know but it doesn’t really have any of my favorite holidays.