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Mark-Antony Richards, on Field, Back to Camera, Gray Jersey Number 6

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Mark-Antony Richards, on Field, Back to Camera, Gray Jersey Number 6

Mark-Antony Richards: More Than a Football Player

Mark-Antony Richards, a local legend, stepped into Mrs. Shields’ journalism class for an interview. While we spoke to him, he opened up about his experiences with motivation, and never giving up. 

Richards is a UCF Sophomore who just recently transferred from Auburn to UCF. “It was hard transferring, I was hoping that I could play and do what I was doing in Auburn. When I arrived at UCF, it was all about the power of motivation.” He says. He later says that he doesn’t regret switching, even though it may have been slightly stressful. “These are two really great schools,” he says, “You’ve got a great fanbase, and that’s the best part. I can go to my friend’s house and talk with the guys. Auburn was only football, UCF was football and family.” 

Richards previously got injured in 2019. He spoke about his injury, saying that it felt almost depressive. He had to be cooped up in his room while his teammates were out on the field and training. He couldn’t even walk for about a week. His mother, Mrs. Richards, elaborated, “Marc-Antony’s injury was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I had to control that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach right before the roller coaster plunges downwards.” But luckily, with the support of his family and doctors, he knew how to bounce back. “It was a blessing that I was able to overcome that.” Richard states.

He says that his brother had a major impact on his love for football. His brother previously, was a football player before he received a devastating injury and it forced him to quit playing. Richards says that he wants to play football not only because he loves it, but because of his brother. “Because he couldn’t do it, I wanted to do it for him,” he admitted.

Throughout Richard’s career, he’s had to face multiple challenges. But nevertheless, he kept persevering. “If you want to become a football player, I would say, dedicate yourself, and always have a backup plan.” He’s now looking at playing football professionally in the NFL, and is ready for whatever the future may bring. 

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