Managing Curly Hair


a list showing different types of curls

Arianna Santacruz, Editor

I love my hair. I love how curly and soft it is but recently I’ve been getting into really maintaining it so my hair can be even more healthy. Don’t get me wrong I love the results but it can be so much work sometimes.

For one, you have to figure out what hair type you have. There are many different types of curls (this might sound kind of confusing) like 4c curls, 3b curls, 2a curls and etc. 

Once you’ve figured out your hair type now you can look for products that fit your hair, but you can’t just get any hair product for your hair since different products help different issues one has with their hair.

So you have to figure out what is wrong with your hair, maybe it’s dryness, heat damage, too oily, frizziness, too much volume, too little volume. The list goes on and on. But congrats! You’ve finally figured out the problem with your hair so you can finally go to the store and actually buy an item, but wait! There’s more, you have to learn how to properly apply these products.

You can’t just dump a bunch of hair products in your hair because then it wouldn’t be as effective. Wash you’re hair, then section your hair, apply the product on each section of your hair, try to manipulate your curls to make them more curly. Then you must let your hair do its thing overnight.

You’re probably exhausted from all of this work of doing your hair but don’t fret it’s not over just yet. You can’t just sleep with your hair all over the place, your curls would get crushed and dry out. 

You have to sleep with a bonnet or just anything to keep you’re hair intact. There are different sizes of bonnets, depending on how big your hair gets when it’s dry is whichever one you get (you can get really cute designs too) these will help your hair maintain its moisture without being too wet or too dry.

Once you wake up, you must of course take off the bonnet and add some water to you’re hair just so it’s not that messy, put a tiny amount of said hair product, and once you’ve styled it the way you wanted to you’re finally done! Just remember that you have to do this at least once or twice a week! Easy am I, right?