Ms. Sarah Prescott, Eighth Grade Teacher (Jacob Padilla)
Ms. Sarah Prescott, Eighth Grade Teacher

Jacob Padilla

Ms. Prescott Interview (Multiple Parts)

February 3, 2022

Introducing Ms. Prescott (Part 1)

Q: What goals are you looking forward to accomplishing, and how do you plan to do so? 

In my personal life, I want to be the best mom and grandma I can be. I would like to be as good as my parents were for me and my kids. 


Q: What things are most important to you in life, and why?

My own kids and grandkids are the most important in my life. It is so much deeper than the kind of relationship you have to have when you are raising them. In addition, I have always valued the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. I didn’t have living grandparents, so it has always been extra important for me that my kids and grandkids have a strong bond with their grandparents. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to in your retirement?

I am looking forward to getting an RV and travelling the country. I will be able to see my kids and grandkids more often. I really look forward to them coming camping with me when they are able!


Q: If you could go back when you were in middle school, what advice would you give yourself? 

It gets better! I was always a bit overweight in school and some kids made me feel unaccepted because of that. I think middle school is the most difficult stage of growing. Because kids are so insecure, they tend to pick on each other more. As kids get older, most become more secure, so they can accept others that are different from them more easily, and the bullying gets less. 

Ms. Prescott: Back in Time (Part 2)

Ms. Prescott is retiring this year! She is an 8th grade physical science honors teacher. But let’s go back to her early years, how was she as a child? How was she as a teenager? 


Ms. Prescott loved hanging out with friends. She was the type of kid to hang out with friends every weekend, and stay focused on studies on weekdays. She states that every weekend she would get with the kids from her neighborhood, and ride their bikes to the beach. Four square was also a popular game back then, she claims that was her favorite game they would play. She was also very involved in afterschool activities. She danced! Her favorite was jazz. 

Middle School Years

As a middle schooler, she states she wasn’t much different from her students today. She was super involved in her studies, and her parents were very strict about her grades. If her grades went down too far, she was told to clean the house for her family of 5. One of the differences that she has from her students today, is that she doesn’t have as many distractions. Her common distractions were her cat, reading, and friends. 

Ms. Prescott: Years of Teaching (part 3)

Ms Prescott has been teaching for 34 years. In the first 11 years, she taught elementary school, then she came to WLMS to teach 7th grade science. When she left elementary school, she thought middle school students would be so much more responsible and self-reliant. She later found out that it wasn’t the case. No matter what the age and no matter whether they are in support, regular, gifted, or honors classes, students will need help with organization, time management, and study skills. Each student needs to feel their teacher cares about more than just their academic success. 

While teaching, her focus has always been to figure out how to help her students’ needs and provide that help. It is why she took science classes and ended up being certified to teach middle school science. Her college focus was elementary education with a minor in World Literature. Science was not on her radar at the time. However, her students needed her to figure out how to teach it so they could understand it, so she had to understand it, first! 

She believes in the basic goodness of people and that means each student. She tells her classes at the beginning of each year, “You don’t have to earn my respect. I believe each of you is a good, honest, caring person. I will continue to believe that until you earn my disrespect by proving it wrong.” She goes on to explain that, “I don’t mean they won’t make mistakes, because that is how you learn”. She states that students don’t earn disrespect if they learn from their mistakes.

Even though it is time for me to retire and spend time with my grown kids and my grandkids, I know I will  miss being with the students for years to come. 

Ms Prescott: Through the Years (Part 4)

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