WLMS Friendships From the Beginning

Best Friend Collage with Bryce King and Colin Crow, Hudson Stitt and Gabriel Esteves, BellaDonna Petersen and Sophia Nelson, Rebeca Munoz and Alana Maraboto Perez, and Hannah Pardo and Carys Coleman.

Best Friend Collage with Bryce King and Colin Crow, Hudson Stitt and Gabriel Esteves, BellaDonna Petersen and Sophia Nelson, Rebeca Munoz and Alana Maraboto Perez, and Hannah Pardo and Carys Coleman.

Kayla Bobb and Rebeca Muñoz

Kayla Bobb and Rebeca Munoz interview 5 best friends at WLMS, asking how they met, how their friendship is beneficial, their favorite thing about each other, and their best memory. Here’s what they had to say!


Hannah Pardo & Carys Coleman 

Hannah and Carys met in 3rd grade when Hannah moved from Belgium. A teacher asked Carys and another student to go pick up Hannah because she was in the wrong class. “We went up and we got her and I started talking to her. We pretty much hit it off right away!” The best friends both agree that they’re always there for each other and can talk about anything. Carys’ favorite thing about Hannah is that she is very creative and Hannah’s favorite thing about Carys is that she is understanding a lot of things. The best memory they have about each other is when they were throwing tissues into the fireplace, they heard Carys’s dad, and Hannah fell backward on the chair and fell, plus, got a marshmallow on Carys’ sweater!


Hudson Stitt & Gabriel Esteves

Hudson: “This friendship has benefited me because I will always have one of my best friends by my side. The best thing about my friend is he will always have my back in whatever happens.”

Gabriel: “If I needed anyone to talk to I would go to him.

The best thing about our friendship is how close we are. I knew him since we were three years old.”


Belladonna Petersen & Sophia Nelson

Belladonna: “Sophie and I have been friends for about 6 years and it really has been great. It has benefited me because I love having people to hang out with and have a good laugh with. She is the best person to have that with, she is kind, funny, and understanding. Always asking for a hug, I don’t know what I would do without her. The best thing about having a friendship with her is just having her around, honestly. When she asks for help I help her and when asking for help she helps me. Also, we each make friends while having this friendship. If I have a friend and introduce the person to her, sometimes they will become friends and also the other way around. “


Sophia: “The friendship has benefited me a lot. Belladonna has always been there to help me to the point where I feel like I don’t deserve it. One time that I remember in particular, was that in 5th grade my math class was learning long division. I was very confused(also crying) and I was not with my tutor.  It was around 9:00 PM and I texted a group chats with Bella and one of our other friends at the time. She immediately responded and started a zoom meeting. I remember how shocked I was about it. It had helped so much. She is the best friend I have ever had. She has improved my life for the better all the time. She worries about how much sleep I get a night, she can realize what I am feeling just by looking at me. Whenever there is homework in a class and I do not understand it she always has time to meet up with me for it. She makes it fun to do homework and it always gets done. She is something I truly do not want to lose and if I ever did I don’t know if I could stand it.

I think the best part of our friendship is that we are always with each other and she loves me(in a friendly way). She always supports me in what I do and I support her. Since we have known each other for six years we usually know what each other are feeling.”


Alana Maraboto Perez & Rebeca Munoz

Rebeca: “Alana and I met in PreK when we were 3. I like to think of our relationship like siblings- you love them A LOT but hate them. We have spent so much time together that we almost always know what the other is thinking. I know I can always trust her with my secrets and everything. I love how Alana is always there for me and can make me laugh when I’m in a bad mood and I don’t want to. I remember going on a vacation with our entire families to The Gulf when and having so much fun jumping between beds and waking up at midnight to get snacks”


Alana: “My friendship with Rebeca is very special because we have a love and hate relationship but she’s always there when I need her and I can talk to her about stuff I don’t even tell my parents and I hope that we never fall apart because as much as she annoys me, she is my best friend and no one can take that place.


Colin Crow & Bryce King

Colin: “This friendship benefited me by showing a way of kindness to all of my friends just how I act around Bryce. In my opinion, the best thing about our friendship is the way we are still very close after all the years we have had arguments and conflict, but we can still manage to always end it in a good way so we can still be close friends like we have been for a long time.”

Bryce:  Our friendship has benefited by spending time together by being nice to one another and getting to know each other better. The best thing about our friendship is how close we are alike he knows me so well and I know him so well”