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Room for Debate: Cell Phones at Lunch

March 22, 2022

Pro Cell Phones: Alexa Oddo

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”

— Plato

For years, students and teachers have expressed their opinions on being allowed to use cell phones at lunch. Many times, students do not have lunch with their friends which makes socializing hard, and the break time boring. Although some may argue it is a distraction, there are more benefits than harms to using your phone at lunchtime.

Listening to some music at lunch in headphones or AirPods can also help quiet down the rambunctious cafeteria. It is also extremely calming to some students and can help them to focus and relax for the next half of the school day.

By letting students listen to music, they will not be screaming or talking as loud. Staying on phones will allow students to stay calmer, and allow cafeterias to have less ruckus. Not only is this beneficial to students, but administrators will also be able to enjoy a more peaceful environment.

When they ask for your attention, then you should put your phone down but other than that, using your phone during lunch isn’t such a bad thing when you think about it.

After lunch, phones should be put away and powered off, but during the time of lunch, they could be utilized for an easier and more fun time.

Another way using your cell phone at lunch can be beneficial is some students may just need a break to help them relax and put themselves at ease. Sometimes students just need some quiet time so by listening to music and not hearing all of the ruckus going on at lunch, they can relax.

Cell phones should be allowed to be used during lunch to have kids enjoy lunch a bit more.

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Anti-Cell Phones: Sophia Nelson

When it comes to phones kids will immediately say they should be allowed to have them anytime. However, we aren’t allowed to have our phones in school so why should lunch be any different?

Lunch is a break from our constant usage of computers. If we have permission to be on our phones, then it isn’t a break from electronics. Lunch is a time to talk with your friends and eat but cellphone usage will take up all of our needed break-time.

Phones can become addictive and we may not want to get off after lunch. Instagram, Snapchat, and more social media apps like these cause the phone to become a distraction from school, even when being used during break hours.

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

— Harlan Ellison

Phone usage in school can also harm students in other ways relating to our academics. They have been shown to cause lower test scores in students.

Staying off the phone, socializing, and taking a break is the preferred option to spend lunch than having your eyes glued to the screen.

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