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Mike Big Mike Morriss 66 Life

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Mike “Big Mike” Morris’s 6’6″ Life

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who lives their life as a college football player standing at the height of 6’6”. Or, at least, try – such shoes probably won’t be a great fit for your feet.

When asked about his nickname Big Mike, a moniker clearly derived from his size, he stated “I’ve always been Big Mike since the day I came out of the womb”.

According to Mike Morris, however, his height didn’t factor into his football success as much as someone might think. Morris is a firm believer in dedication over size. When asked for his advice for a Landings student who wanted to go into football, he responded with “I would say do it because why not, you’re only here on Earth for so long. Why not try something that you want to pursue… There’s more that goes into it than playing football… It’s hard work”.

With that hard work comes emotional lows. Fortunately, Morris has picked up on how to deal with them. He encourages other young football players to remember their “why”: “Why you do it every single day… you have to just remember why you work as hard as you do and that will definitely pull you out of a hole you’re in”.

Morris, currently a Senior, continues to play on the Michigan Wolverines, inspiring young athletes across the country to pursue their goals, no matter how big they may seem.

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