Gator Bits: Zya Chow


Zya Chow, Editor

The Primis

Ukraine and Russia are still fighting tooth and nail. But Ukraine seems to be holding its own quite well. Ukraine’s president: Volodymyr Zelenskyy just recently shaded Vladimir Putin, proving that he truly is one of the best presidents of this generation. (Take that Putin!)… Putin microphone hand: breaks the internet


AP News… Ukraine thwarts Russian advances


Watch the video here: Youtube


A harrowing interview in Washington DC was carried out to pick the next Supreme Court Judge. Ketanji Jackson vs. the Republicans. Jackson is Biden’s official pick for who should be on the supreme court next after the retirement of Stephen G. Breyer. She was trapped in a grueling marathon of question after question. But she answered them with relative ease. “The fact that I have come this far was, to me, a testament to the hope and the promise of this country, the greatness of America…”

Err, Royalty Right?

Bridgerton has returned for season two. And Netflix has lured in the TV series fans by inviting them to a ball? That’s right. They basically went all out, casting actors, interior theming, costume designing, you name it. It’s like Game of Thrones but with fewer dragons and more flowers. Harry Potter but for adults!


Pot Roast has passed away. We hold this cat near and dear to our hearts but thanks to her owner, she lived a full life. Pot Roast has a whole community behind her! (It’s perfectly healthy to have formed an emotional attachment to a cat on TikTok) Fly high Pot Roast. 

But on the bright side, gators being cute!

Star-Studded Spectacle!

I live, breathe and eat celebrity drama because honestly, it’s just so entertaining! And you’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the whole Pete Davidson and Kanye West drama. Kanye seems to be upset about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian now dating Pete Davidson. 

Everything about this scenario is either messed up or funny. Especially Pete Davidson’s response to Kanye’s messages… 

The Canceled Graveyard

Celebrities who have been officially and ultimately canceled.

J.K Rowling- Made transphobic and homophobic remarks, as well as being racist- Canceled December 2019


Ellen DeGeneres- Had a toxic work environment and made many people feel uncomfortable- Canceled August 2020


Matt Damon- Repeatedly used the f-slur, used other homophobic languages- Canceled August 2021


Sia- Incorrectly displayed autistic people in her movie, stereotyped neurodivergent people- Canceled February 2021